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Trading Stocks and Shares! Vocabulary Cara Ou Coroa? Vocabulary Acordas com os Galos? Algo Mais? Vocabulary Amigos Ou Corresponds to the English "What's up? In this episode, it should be "alguma coisa a mais na sua pizza".

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Orally we can change the places of the elements inside the sentence, without it looking as weird as it does when written. In this context: do you want something else on your pizza? A swallow. A small bird, with dark feathers on its back, commonly seen in Portugal.

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Social climb. The Portuguese translation of Ballon d'Or golden ball , a very prestigious football award presented every year by French sports magazine France Football. Bourgeoisie, the middle class or upper middle class, wealthier and more privileged than the lower-ranking working class. Traditional Portuguese pavement, made with black and white cobblestones so as to create patterns or complex images. An ancient type of sailing ship, developed by the Portuguese during the Discoveries around the 15th century.

Periphrastic conjugation, a type of conjugation where a main verb is paired with an auxiliary verb with or without a connecting preposition. Secondary cork, which is cork of lower quality, obtained in the second harvest of cork off of a tree. Childcare, daycare center, mostly for babies and children up to 5 years old age at which they move on to kindergarten.

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Gilt-head sea bream, a popular fish in traditional Portuguese cuisine. Empregadeca is an ordinary empregada, with no relevance. It can be in a terrace or on the street. In this context, a baking pan or mold for cakes and other desserts. It should be pronounced with the O of 'go', or 'no'. Pronouncing it with an open O, as in 'otter', actually changes the meaning of the word so that it simply means 'shape'.

A gardener would be 'um jardineiro' male or 'uma jardineira' female. A type of bowl used often, but not exclusively, for liquids, like wine or soup. A type of coffee in Portugal, served in a large cup, or mug, with equal parts of milk and coffee. Little girl, little boy. Also used in Portugal as a form of polite treatment for younger men and women in the context of customer service.

A very common term to refer to a small bottle of beer. Portuguese are genetically incapable of drinking beer less than ice cold, and the smaller size ensures that the same beer doesn't last long enough to get warm.

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Nobility, the social class directly below royalty, with noble privileges and titles. Latin expression typically used in Portugal to mean 'supposedly', 'in theory', refer to something that is presumed before the fact rather than proven afterwords. A sandwich which contains at least ham and cheese. If untoasted, it's called 'sandes mista', while if toasted or pressed , it's called 'tosta mista'. Main Lisbon church that is the headquarters for the Patriarcado de Lisboa. Portuguese flag carrier airline.

The name given to a very traditional, old-styled Portuguese tavern or restaurant, usually rather modest and with a very casual, familial atmosphere. Cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology.

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Buttered toast. Grilled sandwich with cheese and ham.

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Tosta mista is the term used in Portugal and misto quente the term used in Brazil. Misto a means mixed mix of cheese and ham. The day before a given day. A common expression which means that life is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest. This Portuguese word evolved from the French word 'abat-jour'. Identical to the English expression 'Hold your horses', generally meaning to slow down, to calm down, to wait or to stop.

Someone who is a liar or cheater. It can be used as an insult or in good nature between people with a close relationship. Used to describe the people of the area, the dialect, etc. Adjective which refers to the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal.

Used to describe the people of the region, the dialect, etc. A general name for plastic containers used in housekeeping tasks, such as dishwashing, washing clothes, etc. Tourist accomodation in residential buildings and private houses homestays , rather than in hotels, hostels and other designated locations. Generally, it means to catch. It can be used with the meaning of catching up with someone. This is a common barbershop service, applied to male facial hair. Despite being young. This expression demonstrates how you can use the expression 'Apesar de' while omitting the verb to be ser.

Literally, 'learn, because I won't live forever'.

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An expression used to encourage people to listen to you and heed your advice. A typical dish from the Portuguese region of Minho, which is a stew mainly with rice and pig's blood, with other additional ingredients. Typical Portuguese christmas cake, flat round piece of dough which is fried on both sides. Expression used to describe songs that are considered typical of festivals festive songs very upbeat or at least with a strong rhythm, catchy, rather formulaic. Little paws, mostly used for dogs and bears or cats, not very correct when referring to a prawn, but still used because it's cuter than saying legs.

Proof of residence or proof of address, an official document issued by the Portuguese local administrative units Juntas de Freguesia. A type of religiously motivated public execution promoted in medieval times by the Catholic Church Inquisition.


Applicable both to the taste of an ingested substance or to the perception of a person's mood. The most central and important district of Lisbon, where you will find most of the shopping and entertainment options. This battle took place in between Portuguese and Castilian troops.

Punched potatoes, a way of cooking potatoes that involves punching them at the end, either manually or with a cooking utensil, so that they can later be soaked in olive oil. Cheater, as in someone who cheats on a game. Someone who cheats on a romantic partner or betrays someone is called 'traidor' or 'traidora'. As an adjective, it means devout, and it can be used both in a neutral and derogatory sense as in someone who is obsessively devout, goody goody or maybe even a hypocrite.

Roadside, with 'estrada' being used for roads in general and 'autoestrada' specifically for highways. This area of central Portugal has been divided up in multiple different ways throughout time and Beiras became an umbrella term to refer to it. Right on sight. Used for something that is plainly visible or plainly obvious to understand.

Bidet, a very small tub usually next to a toilet for complimentary hygiene purposes. They're usually named according to the type of meat and cut note that cuts vary from country to country. Good evening," good night. Can be used both as a greeting and as a farewell. In this context, it means blister e. It also generally translates to bubble. Generally means 'enjoy'.