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Lollogrigida actually did her own singing in this film while maestro, Mario Bava, created a rich feast for our eyes with his decadent cinematography. She worked non-stop throughout the 60's but started to slow down a bit in the 70's and thereafter. She's entertained a number of different projects in the years following her cinema heyday including politics in which she actually ran for one of Italy's European Parliament seats from her hometown of Subiaco.

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  3. Gina Lollobrigida, Italian movie star.
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  6. Gina Lollobrigida is forever emblazoned in the hearts of admirers all over the world and we are still enjoying the eternal talents of this classic symbol of grace and style as her zest for life continues to this day. Thanks to Lollobrigida's vast international success, many of her films are still available today. Amazon is a great source that has currently carries a wide range of her films. Tiziana Rocca, the general director of the ongoing Filming on Italy festival in Los Angeles, described Lollobrigida as a "legend" with an "outstanding career.

    The actress, once a famous Italian pin-up, is perhaps best known for her performance in the US movie "Trapeze," in which she starred alongside Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. The Golden Globe-winning star, 90, has appeared in about 60 movies but her big breakthrough came when she starred alongside Humphrey Bogart in John Huston's romp "Beat the Devil. Lollobrigida won the first of her three David di Donatello Awards from L'accademia del Cinema Italiano as best actress in for "Beautiful but Dangerous.

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    The Italians named her "the most beautiful woman in the world" after she starred in her signature movie "La Donna piu bella del mondo" Eccovi amici, a quick quiz to review the gender of nouns in Italian. Buono studio and C4N! Ciao ragazzi. Here's a quiz to help you review the Italian subject pronouns io, tu, lei, etc.

    Salve guys, here's another review activity - this time on the question words in Italian. Hi guys, this Italian grammar activity will let you review the subject pronouns io, tu, lui, lei, etc.

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    Io, telefonino 4. Marcella, deliziosa Here you go guys, some Italian relative pronoun practice. Ask yourself, "Is the noun I'm replacing the subject of the clause? The direct object? Or an indirect object usually preceded by a preposition?

    Hint: here we're using the idiomatic construction, "avere bisogno di. Allora ragazzi, ciao. Eccovi un nuovo esercizio - here's a new Italian grammar exercise , this one on the Italian relative pronoun che that or which. E' un ragazzo molto serio che non ha molti amici. Here you go ragazzi, an exercises on this week's Italian grammar topic, gerunds vs. Circle the word that best completes the sentence.

    Luigi fa comprare il pane a Mauro. Fa scrivere la lettera a tuo fratello!

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    Ho fatto preparare la cena a Concetto. Fa stirare la camicia a suo marito. Fanno lavare i piatti agli zii. Come mai le hai fatto fare la spesa?

    Avete fatto riparare l'orologio a Lorenzo? L'hai fatto fare? Fa spostare il divano a Gino! Non mi fate pagare il conto. Eccovi ragazzi, un esercizio sul passato remoto. I'm going to be lazy this week and skip the printable version. Here you go amici, an exercise on this week's Italian grammar lesson, molto. Just replace each noun or regular object pronoun with the appropriate disjunctive.

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    La rivedremo. Non li conosco. Ci piacciono. Ve lo offrono. Gli hanno indicato. Le daranno le chiavi.

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    Ti dico sempre tutto. Ha detto che mi ama. Non ho visto Mauro e Maria.