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'Irreplaceable' ('Medecin de campagne'): Film Review | Hollywood Reporter

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Journal d'un médecin de campagne

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Medecin de Campagne by De Balzac, Honore. Memoires D'Un Medecin. His film takes its tone from Jean-Pierre: It's a film of quality that serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of people in the medical profession. It's a slow, thoughtful study in humanity, and the banality of the extraordinary in the everyday, let down by a third act that feels contrived. Persuasively played by fine leads and a well-cast ensemble, this thoughtful treatise captures provincial life and the medical mindset with authenticity and tact.

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A persuasively low-key drama featuring substantial, complex central characters. An unashamedly low-key, old-fashioned affair which leans heavily on the undeniable talents of its central duo. You can probably guess that the film will result in the building of mutual respect between the two but along the way there is humour, warmth and an understanding that what really matters in patient care is the human touch.

More Top Movies Trailers. Movie Info All of the inhabitants, in this corner of the countryside, can count on Jean-Pierre, the doctor who cares for them and who reassures them day and night, seven days a week. When Jean-Pierre falls sick, Nathalie, a doctor new to the profession, comes from the hospital to assist him. His ability to transform this society is presented as a product of his personal qualities: Benassis' personality has a powerfully compelling effect on all who come into contact with him, enlisting them to carry out his utopian vision.

Thus Favre insisted that although Balzac was a monarchist and a faithful Catholic, he could be read for social insight "in a secular age. One sees the Christian spirit of charity truly and really introduced into the mechanism of society.

Cretinism was conceived at the time as a kind of moral cancer and its victims were often treated as lepers. In the dead of night, villagers carry out Benassis' orders to have the hamlet abruptly removed from the valley, and relocated to an even more isolated mountainside. One cretin is too sick to be moved; Benassis returns repeatedly to assuage his suffering by personally bathing his filthy, deformed feet, a scene with obvious Christian reference.

But there is another kind of sacrifice emphasized here as well. Benassis has sacrificed a former professional life where he tended wealthy bourgeois patients, was feted and admired, and lived comfortably attended by servants. He gave this up for a practice among society's most marginal inhabitants. This basic story with its themes of social mission, sacrifice, exhaustion, and social isolation made its way into the stories practitioners told about medical life. Isolated in the uttermost ends of the most obscure departments.

With a tender respect we must speak of their sacrifice, of their mission, so often unappreciated and so poorly rewarded. The life of the country practitioner is certainly not made of the cloth of silk and gold.

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He is expected never to show ill humor even when he is disturbed by his patients on the most frivolous pretext. His sacrifice imposes the most painful and onerous duties. In the journal republished a memoir, which had earlier appeared in a newsletter of a local physician's union, written by a Dr. Dumas notes that a good doctor, like a good priest, gives himself body and soul to his patients, answering their calls under any circumstances.

ISBN 13: 9782070366361

Dumas recounts the pathos of being called up out of a deep sleep in the middle of an icy winter's night by a midwife attending a difficult labor only to find that the baby had been born dead before he arrived. Other agonizing stories follow in this long account in which he stresses that a doctor must have a strong soul as well as a strong body in order to tolerate such a life. In Dumas' story, medicine is likened to a calling; only a few young men, he says, really have the right stuff.

Here the country doctor is described as an "unknown hero" of rural France, sacrificing himself for the nation.

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Such testimonials used the religious term "vocation" sacerdoce to describe the work of the country doctor, and eulogies of doctors who died in medical practice were styled "martyrologies" as if invoking saints' lives. Such stories featured young doctors who had contracted a fatal disease or had simply worn themselves out and were thus sentenced to an early death from their medical practice. Echoing Balzac's picture of Benassis washing the feet of the cretin, professional discourse emphasized the sacrifice inherent in physical contact with the bodies and beds of the very poor.